For more details, pay attention to the surface of the paint whether the “orange peel” is natural or not, equal or not, especially in areas near the list of body and glass lists. Watch car paint from different angles. Don’t be fooled, the problem can be seen as smooth from the front. But from the back corner, it turns out striped. The paint affects the price and the look of your used car greatly, so try your best not to be fooled when you skup samochodów.

Also, you should note the glass list and body list. Sometimes there are still marks of paint when the painting has not been cleaned. Paint often looks shiny, but the gloss is only from the lacquer. While paint and thinner use material that is of less good quality, this can result in a cluster of paint that does not last long. Please note that cars that have been repainted, especially the entire body, have a lower price trend.