There is no specific way to use a generator, but if under certain circumstances and you are faced with the situation of having to operate a generator it will take a long time to find out how the engine works, you might even panic because you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, you can certainly operate all types of generators, at least if you meet the situation of having to operate this power plant, it’s not too common. In the meantime, if your power generator at home is broken, perhaps you need to call the best electrician columbia sc near your area.

However, you must first know 4 tips for using generator sets for beginners:

1. Check the Fuel

As the first step before turning on a generator set, it is obligatory to check the availability of fuel except for the type of generator without fuel. For this type of portable generator, you should use premium fuel. If it is empty, not enough content is not too full and not too little.

2. Check the Engine’s Lubricants

The second step in tips on using a generator set for beginners is to make sure the oil or lubricant is fully filled. Generally, using SAE type 20-40 oil of any brand you can use according to the type of generator engine you have.

3. Check the battery condition

How to check can be done by starting right away, if it is still good then the engine will turn on immediately, but if it is pressed several times but there is no engine activity then it might be a bad battery.

Check the batteries and some connectors that are directly related to the engine generator to trigger the move. If there are no problems with connectors and cables, replace your batteries.

4. Check the MCB for Electric Charge

This must be done because do not let the current that will be flowed into electricity become problematic and eventually become short. Including cables that support electric current. Make sure the MCB panel goes to the generator and the state electricity company’s switch is OFF. This is done to avoid spreading irregular currents and causing work accidents.