The foundation of piles is one type of foundation that is commonly used to build small-scale houses or large buildings such as offices and hotels. The pile as the main foundation is also called reinforced concrete pile, which is reinforced concrete material with very good strength. Pile material is not only made of concrete because there are also piles made of wood and steel. The many advantages possessed by pile foundations make it a superior foundation because it is trusted to hold heavy loads from a building. Aside from that, you may hire experts from KNProconcrete if you need some help in your project’s piling process.

As a well-known foundation, of course, pile foundations have several other uses, such as:

It can be used to withstand the construction load from the soil surface into the soil through the soil layer. Pile foundation has the ability to send vertical forces and lateral forces.

It can be used to resist the force of impulse from the ground such as site footings. In addition, it can also be used to support the legs of the building’s poles to prevent rolling failure.

The pile is able to condense free-released soil deposits in the event of pile displacement and vibration during erection.

It lowers the legs or footprints of the building on the edge of the land where the compression layer is high.

It can be used to compact the soil under the foundation and control the amplitude of vibrations and the natural effects of the piling machine.