As the outermost part of the car, the body is most often exposed to ‘attacks’ from the outside. Therefore, maintaining the body requires more effort than other components. In this article, we summarize the 3 problems in the car body that are often experienced by vehicle owners and how to overcome them. Meanwhile, you may hire the auto detailing orlando near Orlando, FL if you want to restore your car’s appearance flawlessly.

Here are 3 car body’s problems and their solutions:

1. Rust

Actually, nothing can stop the rust from gnawing at the car. Car body made of metal or aluminum alloy does have to face rust. The difference is the fast or slow process of corrosion occurs. To overcome this, manufacturers have anticipated giving a coat of paint to slow the corrosion process.

Therefore, to protect the car from rust, make sure the paint remains in its maximum state. Because the splash of rain, collision, and friction against other objects can cause a little scratch on the body that makes the body open will cause an oxidation reaction to occur.

2. Fungi

Cars that have been molded must not be properly guarded. The problem is, fungi only attack objects that have moisture for fungi to multiply. In addition, the water spot on the drying body will make the fungus easily erode the body of the car.

Therefore, make sure to clean the car in detail to avoid the water spot. After rinsing, dry the car with a soft towel or microfiber cloth to dry the car thoroughly. After that, you can use the car wax as a finishing touch.

3. Dent

Accidents must be avoided. Large accidents can take lives, while minor accidents will be fatal to your car’s body. As the outermost part of the car’s protector, the car body is the first component that will feel the impact of accidents and collisions.

But if dents occur, you don’t need to worry. You can do repairs using a repainting technique called Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). Repair is done without having to go through the clamping process. The problem is, the PDR technique cannot be used to repair dents with pointed corners or car pillars.