Business talks or things related to work can be done by telephone. This method is considered more practical because you do not have to meet directly with the client or business person in question get 1300 phone number. It’s just that, using a telephone just like a face-to-face conversation, must meet several ethics that become a benchmark for how good your professionalism is. In addition, calling clients and business people must be done effectively so as not to cause miss communication. Another benefit of effective calling, you can convey what you want to convey correctly, clearly, and there is no repetition that makes time wasted. On the other hand, perhaps your company needs to use the 1300 number if it wants to have a secure line to communicate with the customers.

Below, there are 3 tips that you can apply in your daily work.

1. Choose a Quiet Place. Always choose a quiet location before calling the client. You certainly don’t want to say, “Sorry, your voice is not heard!” or “Try to repeat again!” many times during a call, it’s very time-consuming and uncomfortable. Usually, someone who calls in a noisy environment around him will raise his voice, this will be considered rude by the recipient of the telephone.

2. State your name or your company name first. This is basic professional ethics in the world of business and the world of work. When you call someone, say hello and say your name and your company name first. For example, “Good afternoon, I am Indri from PT. Bahagia,”. Mentioning greetings and saying names is the same as shaking hands at a face-to-face conversation.

3. Don’t make the telephone receiver wait a long time. When you are talking on the phone then enter a new call, you must ask permission if you want to receive the call to the person who is talking to you. If he agrees, you can accept the new call. If the conversation on the new call is important and will take a long time, immediately connect your telephone to the first telephone receiver. Tell him you will contact him as soon as possible. Don’t make your client wait too long because it will waste his time.