Nitric Oxide (NO) or Nitric Oxide has an important role in the health of the body. NO is found from the results of research by a scientist from the United States Louis Ignarro and his colleagues amazon. Louis found, NO can dilate blood vessels so that it prevents blockages in blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. This role of NO prevents the occurrence of heart disease and stroke. Research about NO was not limited to preventing cardiovascular disease. “The nitric oxide can also improve memory and learning processes in the brain to prevent dementia,” said Louis.

In addition, NO can maintain the digestive health of the body. In fact, skin health also benefits from the presence of NO in the body. “NO makes the skin smooth, does not wrinkle, and makes you look young,” continued Louis. NO’s own discovery began when Louis wanted to find out how Nitroglycerin drugs can reduce blood pressure. Nitroglycerin is a drug that has been used for hundreds of years to treat heart disease. Louis revealed, Nitroglycerin turned out to work in the body to help produce NO. After the discovery, Louis also examined more about NO. For five years, Louis sought NO content in the human body. Finally, in 1986 it was found that arteries and veins were able to produce NO. However, as someone ages, NO production decreases.

A healthy diet and exercise are the main keys to maintaining NO production in the body. Louis then developed nutritional products that can help produce NO in the body. At that time, in the world of pharmacology, no one was interested in learning NO. It’s because NO itself is not a solid or liquid compound but in the form of gas. Now, after knowing the benefits, more and more scientists are interested in NO and many drug companies to make products made from NO. Starting from that curiosity, Louise produced important findings that were beneficial to the world of health. This finding led Louis to win the Nobel Prize in Health in 1998.