There are several patterns of prayer that are not worth mentioning as “persevering in prayer.” Praying only when the crisis approaches your life is clearly not included in the pattern of persevering in prayer. Praying is more than talking to God, but prayer has so many meanings and goals. This is why a miracle healing prayer request is valuable.

If we don’t pray, we only see humans and situations. When praying, we see God. That is why through prayer, God often turns back the steps of our lives so that they are in line with His will.

We get the strength and wisdom when we pray. There were times when Moses became too tired to lead his nation who was stiff-necked. We must realize that our struggle is not only against physical exhaustion, but it is also spiritual exhaustion. Through prayer, God gives us the strength to go back. Through prayer, He often opens our eyes, so we can see His will more clearly.

When praying, we bring the presence of God in our lives. Through prayer, we enter the presence of God. That is why, if we become children of God who always pray, we will always be in God’s presence. Through prayer we face God. No wonder if we pray a lot, the power and glory of God are with us.

When we pray for others, we will be more aware of their needs. When Moses was on the mountain, the Israelites made a golden calf to worship. God was angry and wanted to destroy them, but Moses obstructed God’s intention. When we pray for someone, we will be reminded of their needs. When we remember their needs, we will think and care about them.

When praying for the service we do, we invite God’s blessings to come down for His work. We pray because we know that we are only a tool in God’s hands. Indeed, He alone is doing His work.