Wall paint is an important element for the home. homes that use quality paint can look beautiful and elegant read this. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to the paint of their walls. They use poor quality wall paint. In fact, good quality wall paint must be chosen. In addition, the painting process must also be done correctly. If you can’t do it alone, then you can use the services of painters woodstock ga.

There are many paint-making materials that you should know. These are some of the raw materials for making paint that you should know.

1. Pigment
Pigments are a part of coloring. Pigment is a fine solid added to paint. Pigment has several important functions such as giving a distinctive character to the appearance of the paint. These characters include the color, the degree of gloss, or the power of the cover. Pigments can also add value to the character of the strength of the paint, such as strength against weather, corrosion, heat or fire.

2. Solvents
The solvent is very important in paint-making materials. If the paint is added with the right solvent, it will make the paint viscosity meet the predetermined standard. Paint can be used easily if you use the right solvent and the right size.

3. Hydrocarbons
As the name implies, this group consists of solvents where elements of hydrogen (H) and carbon (C) become the basic structure. Solvent-solvent hydrocarbons are derived almost entirely from the distillation of petroleum which is a mixture of several sub-groups (not pure compounds), so that the boiling point is in the range from minimum to maximum, not a single boiling point.

4. Oxygenated Solvent
Oxygenated sovents or solvents with oxygen atoms are solvents whose chemical structure contains oxygen atoms.