Are you need to do a face painting, if so, you can visit face painting near San Diego, CA and get our face painting service. You can also make a DIY face painting, but you need some materials to do that besides the paint itself.

Without a brush for appropriate face painting, the hard work you have done in choosing the right colors will not be paid. A suitable brush will be very helpful in painting the face with the best detail and precision. The types of brushes are the key. At least you need three types of brushes to have a balanced look.

– Round brush # 2 is used to make small details.
– Round brush # 4 is very important for making bigger details.
– A 2.5 cm flat brush can help you to pick up many colors.

By increasing your repertoire, brushes of various thickness can help tidy up your design.

Besides brushes, you also need a cosmetic sponge. Cosmetic sponges are very useful to paint wide sections quickly or to provide basic colors. Start with at least three sponges. You can cut it in half to make six. Having several different sponges for several colors will help you to avoid having to wash sponges while painting. The same is true for brushes.

Buy fluffy powder to add a little sparkle to your artwork. The glitter powder is highly recommended because of its easy use. However, keep in mind that flickering powder can become messy and can be exposed to paint or parts of your face that you don’t want to powder flicker. Remember safety. Your lipstick powder must also be approved by the health department. Blinking powder that is safe to use on the face is a powder made of polyester and round cut. Do not use fluffy powder works because it can be made of metal and can scratch the skin and eyes.