Along with Casio’s development in the electronic world, Casio began research on G-SHOCK watches in 1981. The story took place when one of Casio’s watch developers accidentally dropped a watch given by his parents after graduating from high school. At that time the mens watch can be easily damaged by shocks and is considered a sensitive item that needs to be handled with care.

Based on his experience, he decided to make a new type of watch that would not be damaged despite falling. After more than 200 experimental prototypes, a hollow watch frame structure was finally designed to support the module of the core at some points. The urethane cover is also formed around the frame. This became the first G-SHOCK, which has been launched in 1983, the DW-5000C. The name G-SHOCK was created from the concept of developing a watch that is resistant to strong shocks caused by gravity (free fall).

Until now, G-SHOCK continues to develop technology in shaping its flagship watches, besides making a watch that is resistant to shocks, the Casio G-Shock also adds features that further make this watch hunted besides its strength. One of them is the World Time feature that can show you the time around the world, up to 20 ATMs (200 meters) which is very safe for you to use when swimming.