The bathroom and kitchen are arguably a room that needs special treatment, including indoor selection. Right now we will discuss the shower doors. Small in size and damp conditions make choosing the bathroom door a little challenging. In order not to be mistaken, there are several things that should be considered. Is choosing a bathroom door so important? Of course!

Wooden doors are a popular choice for homes, both interior, and exterior. Unfortunately, this type of door is not very suitable saying it is installed as a bathroom door. The wooden door can expand and curve over time because of the high humidity of the bathroom. Better to choose material made of metal or fiberglass to counteract the problem. This is very important, especially if your bathroom has poor ventilation.

Choosing a pre-hung unit makes it easy in the door installation process in the bathroom. This unit is made of doors that have been installed on the frame so that it becomes a set. If you plan to do renovations in the future, it would be better not to choose pre-hung units and regular types only.