When using the professional service of crawl space encapsulation columbia sc , that means you reduce your health risk due to mold and mildew. There is always mold wherever you turn – in the air you breathe and on the many surfaces, you touch. Whether the slimy black stains on your bathroom wall or hairy white spots on your kitchen floor, moldy houses are more than a matter of beauty. Inside the house, mold is found as a result of surface condensation due to excessive moisture, lack of ventilation, or low temperatures; steam or inadequate air circulation in the bathroom; or water leaks, such as from roofs or leaking pipes, weathered wooden floors, or flood marks.

Common places for mold to grow indoors are piles of cardboard, window sills, fabrics, carpets, and walls in the kitchen, bathroom, crawl space, and laundry area. If you can see or smell the pungent odor in your home, there are health risks that can be present. Some types of mold in the room can produce highly effective poisons (mycotoxins) which are fat-soluble and easily absorbed by the lining of the intestines, airways, and skin. These agents, usually contained in spores, have toxic effects ranging from short-term irritation – allergic reactions, ringworm, scabies, to the weakening of the immune system and pulmonary bleeding. Long-term exposure in moldy homes is not healthy for every occupant, but some groups will develop more severe symptoms faster than others, including infants and children, parents, individuals with respiratory conditions, and those who have weak immune systems, for example, because of cancer, liver disease, HIV, or after chemotherapy.

Residents of homes that have weak immunity and who have chronic lung disease, such as obstructive pulmonary, may get serious infections in their lungs when exposed to mold and mildew. That is why you need to encapsulate your crawl space to make sure no moisture build-up will be the perfect habitat for mold and mildew.