Did you know that one easy way to learn grammar is to listen and talk? In other words, try to listen to a conversation in English and learn the grammar used, then copy and practice to find out how far you understand the context find more. On a high-quality English Course, you will find learning patterns like this where you will listen to the use of English grammar in everyday conversation, then try to practice it to be able to understand the structure and grammar used. Just as when a baby is just starting to learn to talk, you have to start from listening and then try to imitate what you get by talking. Apart from that, if you’re confident in your English skill and you want to live or study in the UK soon, we recommend you to find out more about b1 test booking.

Study One by One

The next tip for learning English grammar is to learn gradually. Like other languages, in English grammar is available consisting of various levels of difficulty. From very simple to complicated and dizzy head. Don’t force yourself to learn everything directly. Start from the easy type of grammar, then continue to train yourself to get used to it and have been able to use it without needing to look at the textbook. Then gradually learn continuously until you reach a high level of difficulty. So, if something can be made easy, why is it complicated?

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

The next tip for learning English grammar is don’t be afraid of being wrong. As a ‘student ‘, in the learning process, there will definitely be times when you make mistakes. Sometimes when we make a mistake, we feel afraid to continue because we are worried that we will make other mistakes. In fact, making mistakes in the learning process is natural and natural! By making mistakes we can understand what needs to be learned again.