Archery has become a popular sport lately. The popularity of the recurve bow is partly because this bow was used as the weapon of choice by Katniss Everdeen, the main character in the film The Hunger Games. By choosing the right bow and arrow for your body and purpose, along with the practice, you will be able to shoot targets accurately and consistently. Are you confused when choosing arrows for your bow? In this article, we will help you choose an arrow. Before that, if you want to know about drawing weights you can visit our website.

How to choose an arrow for a bow:

– Measure the length of your pull. The length of the pull is the length that your arm can reach when pulling the bowstring backward to shoot arrows. Stretch your arms to the side of your body and hold it in a position parallel to the floor. Have someone measure the length in inches from the tip of the middle finger on one arm to the tip of the middle finger on the other arm. Share this number with 2.5. The result is the length of your pull. Your ideal arrow length is 1-2 inches (2.54 -5.08 cm) longer than the length of your pull.

– Select the material and the weight of the arrow. Most arrows are made of fiberglass or carbon, which makes it relatively light. Arrow weight can vary in the shaft. The heavier the arrowhead, the deeper the arrow stuck into the target. If you use arrows for target training, you do not need an arrow that can stick up inside. But if you use it for hunting, you need an arrow that can penetrate the skin and bones.

– Make sure your hunting arrow has a broadhead (arrowhead specifically for hunting). If you plan to buy arrows for hunting, make sure your arrow has the right arrowhead, which is made of strong material with good puncture strength.