Playing Video Games or whatever other designations are clear is a game that is played on a gadget device, whether it’s a computer, laptop or PlayStation 4,3,2,1, Xbox, Nintendo, and others. It turns out that there are many benefits to the health of the body and the ability to think of the brain, this is based on the results of research published in the main journal of the American Psychological Association, American Psychologist. What is even more astonishing is that even action games and strategies have a greater positive effect on the development of thinking abilities, mental health, and social life in children.

Simple snake game that can be played quickly and are easy to access, such as the mobile snake, can improve the mood, ward off anxiety, and make you relax. If playing video games make you happier, this seems to be a basic emotional benefit to think off.

To know the impact of games on children and adolescents, the development of a balanced perspective is needed. The fact is that play can really strengthen a variety of cognitive skills such as reasoning, spatial navigation, perception, and memory, according to some recent studies in the article.

A 2013 study found that playing video game shooters increased the capacity of players to think about objects in three dimensions, just like academic programs to improve the same skills, according to this study. This has important implications for education and career development because previous research has formed the strength of spatial skills for achievements in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Thinking at this level is not found by playing other types of video games, such as role-playing or puzzles games.

Playing video games can also help to improve problem-solving skills according to a study published in 2013. Moreover, children’s creativity is also enhanced by playing all kinds of video games, including violent games.